The SAFA School Academic Year is from April to March

The summer timings are from 7:45 a.m. to 1.40p.m.
Winter timings are from 8.25 a.m. to 2.40 p.m.

The day begins with a short assembly - a prayer - that fills the entire SAFA family with a sense of oneness and verve. Thereafter, the children disperse to their classes and do calming exercise with the class teacher. And the day begins with first period and goes on till eight periods.

If your child is absent for a day or more, please inform the school by phone or in writing about the reason of absence. Application for the same should be send with the child when she/ he reports. You must also contact the class teacher for follow up of the work your child has missed. A doctor's certificate must be sent in when the child rejoins the school after extended illness.

If you wish to discuss your child's progress in detail with any particular subject teacher, you may make an appointment after class hours in consultation with school administrative office.

Routine letters, notices and home work will be sent regularly through the child's diary. Parents are expected to check the diary everyday and acknowledge everything by counter signing them.

Children have to follow the time table of the day while arranging the school bag. Text books and notebooks required for the day should be carried to school. No extra burden for the child.